PSSC Labs Launches Eco Blades for HPC

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Today PSSC Labs announced its new Eco Blade server platform. The company calls it “the most energy efficient high performance blade server on the market.”

The Eco Blade is a unique server platform engineered specifically for high performance, high density computing environments – simultaneously increasing compute density while decreasing power use. Eco Blade offers two complete, independent servers within 1U of rack space. Each independent server supports up to 64 Intel Xeon processor cores and 1.0 TB of enterprise memory for a total of up to 128 Cores and 2 TB of memory per 1U.

The global thirst for more computing power and storage see demand for volume servers and the resulting energy consumption to continue to rise. As an industry, it is our responsibility to find ways to reduce power consumption while still providing the computing ability needed to fuel cutting edge research and groundbreaking enterprises,” said Alex Lesser, Vice President of PSSC Labs. “PSSC Labs has taken a big step in engineering a HPC / data center server that does not compromise on performance but will significantly reduce power consumption. By deploying the Eco Blade server instead of traditional servers from other manufacturers, companies will reduce their cap ex and op ex while being good stewards of the environment.”

There is no shared power supply or backplane, a unique design feature that translates to power savings of up to 46% on a per server comparison with servers of similar capabilities from leading brands. By lowering the power consumption of these servers, PSSC Labs is offering the greenest server of its kind on the market, translating to lower lifetime ownership costs for institutions that adopt the Eco Blade servers.

According to the EPA, volume servers are responsible for 68% of all electricity consumed by IT equipment in data centers in 2006. A study by the US government found that in 2014 US data centers consumed about 70 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, making up 2% of the country’s total energy consumption. Using over 90% energy efficient power supplies and combining them with power saving features, the Eco Blade servers result in significant savings in energy costs over the lifetime of the product. Along with the significant reduction in power used, the Eco Blade is built using 55% recyclable material, it a move that cements PSSC Labs’ commitment to finding sustainable enterprise server solutions that reduce waste and powers progress.

In addition to the lifetime saving in energy costs, the Eco Blade servers allow higher density rack configurations which reduce the amount of infrastructure and networking equipment required, translating to huge cost savings during the initial purchase as well as savings to recurring maintenance costs.

Eco Blade Technical Specs:

  • Supports 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2600v4 Processors
  • Up to 128 Processor Cores in just 1U of rack space (with hypertheading enabled)
  • Up to 1.0TB of High Performance ECC Registered System Memory Per Server
  • 2 x Redundant SSD Operating System Hard Drives
  • Network Connectivity Options include 10GigE, 40GigE and 100GigE
  • Support for Mellanox InfiniBand and Intel Omnipath
  • Remote Management through Dedicated IPMI 2.0 Network
  • Certified Compatible with Red Hat Linux, CentOS Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Microsoft Operating Systems

Application Compatibility:

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Mesos
  • OpenStack
  • Joyent
  • Rancher
  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • High Performance Computing workloads

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