Radio Free HPC Looks at the TPU2 TensorFlow Processing Unit

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In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team looks at the announcements coming from Google IO conference. Of particular interest was their second-generation TensorFlow Processing Unit (TPU2).

After that, we do our Catch of the Week:

  • Shahin discusses some details about the new prototype of HPE’s The Machine“The prototype unveiled today contains 160 terabytes (TB) of memory, capable of simultaneously working with the data held in every book in the Library of Congress five times over—or approximately 160 million books. It has never been possible to hold and manipulate whole data sets of this size in a single-memory system, and this is just a glimpse of the immense potential of Memory-Driven Computing.”
  • Rich points us to the launch of the new Emerging Woman Leader in Technical Computing Award. Sponsored by SIGHPC, the award will be presented every two years, with the first presentation in November during SC17.
  • Dan is excited by the rebirth of the OS/2 operating system. The Arca OS 5.0 operating system lets you run OS/2 applications today on modern hardware.
  • Quantum Computing vendor D-Wave Systems announced a $50 Million round of new funding.

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