Transaction Processing Performance Council Launches TPCx-HS Big Data Benchmark

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Today the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) announced the immediate availability of TPCx-HS Version 2, extending the original benchmark’s scope to include the Spark execution framework and cloud services.

Enterprise investment in Big Data analytics tools is growing exponentially, to keep pace with the rapid expansion of datasets,” said Tariq Magdon-Ismail, chairman of the TPCx-HS committee and staff engineer at VMware. “This is leading to an explosion in new hardware and software solutions for collecting and analyzing data. So there is enormous demand for robust, industry standard benchmarks to enable direct comparison of disparate Big Data systems across both hardware and software stacks, either on-premise or in the cloud. TPCx-HS Version 2 significantly enhances the original benchmark’s scope, and based on industry feedback, we expect immediate widespread interest.”

The original TPCx-HS benchmark was the industry’s first objective specification enabling measurement of both hardware and software including Hadoop Runtime™, Hadoop Filesystem API compatible systems and MapReduce layers. TPCx-HS Version 2 is designed to broaden the range of system topologies and implementation methodologies in a technically rigorous, directly comparable and vendor-neutral manner. TPCx-HS Version 2 models continuous system availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week and – as an “Express” class benchmark – is publicly available for download.

TPCx-HS Version 2 was developed as researchers and industry experts identified Big Data as a priority area for further benchmark development during the 2016 TPC Technology Conference on Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking (TPCTC). This year’s TPCTC conference will be held in Munich, Germany on August 28, co-located with VLDB 2017. Individuals who wish to contribute to the benchmark development process are encouraged to submit abstracts,

Organizations interested in contributing to the TPC’s benchmark development process are encouraged to become members.

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