Video: Optimizing HPC Service Delivery at Boeing

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In this video from the PBS Works User Group 2017, Jim Glidewell, an HPC Analyst at Boeing presents: Optimizing HPC Service Delivery. After that, Dario Dorella from Altair demonstrates how PBS Access desktop provides a richer, more streamlined job submission and monitoring for Engineers and Scientists.

“There are multiple elements to providing an effective and efficient HPC service. This presentation will share some of our strategies for extracting maximal value from our HPC hardware and providing a service that meets the needs of our engineering customers.”

Jim Glidewell is a Senior HPC Analyst at Boeing. He has been supporting High Performance Computing systems at Boeing since the early eighties. As a member of the support team for Boeing’s Cray systems, he worked on five generations of Cray systems, starting with the Cray-1. Jim has served as his group’s primary focal for job scheduling and resource accounting for over twenty years. For the past several years, he has served as technical lead of the Enterprise HPC group. He also serves as the technical focal for PBS Pro within Boeing, as well as being responsible for support of PBS Pro on Boeing’s Enterprise HPC Service.

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