Accelerating Innovation with HPC and AI at HPE Discover

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hpc and AI

In this special guest feature, Bill Mannel from Hewlett Packard Enterprise writes that this week’s HPE Discover meeting in Las Vegas will bring together leaders from across the HPC community to collaborate, share, and investigate the impact of IT modernization, big data analytics, and AI.

Bill Mannell, Vice President and General Manager of HPC and AI Segment Solutions in the Data Center Infrastructure Group at HPE

In a world where information dictates everything we think and do, and success relies on our ability to process, analyze, and manage massive volumes of structured and unstructured data to derive actionable intelligence, business innovation is the key to delivering smarter, faster outcomes.

With a deluge of information at our fingertips, business leaders are striving to evolve and grow. Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way businesses operate, strategize, and compete, and today’s organizations are utilizing high performance computing technologies to rapidly learn about the world around us and tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Today’s digital trends are driving massive improvements to the way organizations synthesize and leverage intelligence—optimizing data analysis of high-volume machine, human, and business data; improving unstructured data management and recovery; enhancing modeling and simulation for science, research, and business; and enabling new capabilities in deep learning, cognitive computing, pattern recognition, and AI.

From commercial manufacturers and retailers to global financial institutions and government agencies, HPC solutions are defining a new age of data-driven organizations. At HPE, our objective is to aggressively explore and capitalize on these advancements, driving IT innovation and empowering organizations of all sizes to achieve step function increase in innovation and organizational performance.

A New Frontier of HPC Capabilities

HPE is committed to helping customers thrive in an age of digital disruption. From June 6th–8th, we are offering a variety of sessions geared toward IT transformation, consumption, and value creation. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from the HPE leadership team and other industry visionaries whose firsthand knowledge can help advise, integrate, and accelerate outcomes for your enterprise.

Craig Yamasaki and Bill Dunmire kick off these talks on Tuesday, June 6th with an in-depth look at modeling, simulation, and analytics challenges. Yamasaki (Director of HPC Product Management) and Dunmire (Director of DCIG Solution Marketing) will share expert guidance about achieving superior performance, scalability, and efficiency. Learn how HPE servers, storage, networking, and software solutions are designed to speed time-to-insight in order to streamline research and development in science, engineering, and business.

On Wednesday, June 7th, I will discuss industry-leading capabilities that are unleashing faster insights from HPC workloads. The first part of this session will be a comprehensive overview of our purpose-built HPC and AI portfolio strategy, including the latest HPE solutions that are transforming business as we know it. In the second half, Dr. Nick Nystrom (Senior Director of Research at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center), Randy Meyer (VP and GM of Mission Critical Solutions), and Marty Poniatowski (Senior Director and CTO Americas East Region) will join me on a hosted panel to discuss real-world customer use cases for HPC and AI. These experts will offer vital insight into how HPE is accelerating business innovation by delivering the world’s most powerful and efficient solutions.

Capping off the event, Dr. Eng Lim Goh (VP and CTO SGI, Hewlett Packard Enterprise), Vineeth Ram (VP of HPC and AI Portfolio Marketing and DCIG Experience Marketing), and Pankaj Goyal (VP of DCIG Strategy and AI Business Incubation) dive into the compute-intensive realm of AI in two informative discussions: Amplifying Human Capabilities and What’s the Buzz Around AI? Join these HPE executives together with Dr. Tuomas Sandholm from Carnegie Mellon University and Dr. Nick Nystrom from the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center on Thursday, June 8th to explore the present and future of AI, and see how deep learning is exceeding human comprehension to enhance virtual prototyping, fraud detections, genomic analytics, national security, scientific breakthroughs, and much more.

Empowering Data-Driven Organizations

In addition to these sessions, the Discover Transformation Zone will showcase a number of exciting technologies, including our robust HPC portfolio and solutions that have never been seen before. With the development of these revolutionary technologies, HPE is working toward three crucial goals:

  • Fueling innovation with purpose-built solutions. The HPE solutions portfolio is expressly designed to handle the most demanding workloads. Recent additions to the portfolio include the HPE SGI 8600 and HPE Apollo 6000 platforms, which optimize performance, efficiency, and capacity for HPC.
  • Showcasing HPC performance for unique industry applications. Forward-thinking business leaders are harnessing HPC tools and applications to ensure competitive advantage. At this demo, attendees can speak with industry vertical experts about how HPE solutions such as the HPE Apollo 6500 and the HPE Apollo 2000 can dramatically increase operational efficiencies and reduce TCO, while scaling to accommodate future growth.
  • Simplifying and streamlining HPC applications. Innovation does not have to be complex. HPE will showcase our pre-built and easy-to-operate software environment that enables businesses to simplify IT deployment and management, effectively allocate compute resources, and boost HPC application performance, all with increased simplicity and cost savings. This exhibit will include new additions to the HPE Performance Software Suite, HPE OneView on Apollo, and a live demo of HPE Data Management Framework tiered management storage software.

Conference goers will also have the opportunity to explore deep learning capabilities with the HPE “cookbook” (Demo 1122 at Labs zone), while those who cannot attend can tune into a live streamed interview with Labs Chief Architect Kirk Bresniker (ID CU33) to learn how Hewlett Packard Labs is empowering AI and machine learning development.

Organizations across all industries must adopt solutions that allow them to anticipate and pursue future innovation. HPE is striving to be your best strategic digital transformation partner. We are committed to preparing businesses for a landscape powered by HPC, analytics, AI and deep learning capabilities, and we have the most comprehensive portfolio, solutions, and services to help you get there.

To learn more about the exciting possibilities of business innovation, I invite you to engage with our experts at HPE Discover 2017 Las Vegas, experience our HPC demos, and receive a free copy of Marty Poniatowski’s new book Ideal Platforms for Optimizing IT Workloads when you attend my session. You can also follow me on Twitter at @Bill_Mannel for the latest news and updates.

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