AMAX Showcases Virtualization Solutions for GPUs at GTC 2017

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Rene Meyer is the VP of Technology at AMAX

In this video from GTC 2017, Dr. Rene Meyer from AMAX describes the company’s innovative solutions for GPU computing.

What we are showcasing here is a very interesting solution—a hardware/software solution. We not only present the hardware, but we put a software layer on top, which allows you to virtualize GPUs in those machines.”

MATRIX is the world’s first elastic on-premise deep learning cloud platform developed for AI, Machine Learning and HPC,” said Meyer. “One of the use cases is for enterprise customers who purchased a few racks of hardware, and now that they learn that the software they use supports GPUs, and benefits from acceleration. So what they usually do is rip the old hardware out, and replace them with new hardware featuring GPUs, which can be expensive. Rather than do that, they can add a few blocks of our high-density MATRIX servers, and then use the MATRIX software and virtualize the GPUs and reattach them to the existing cluster. So with the MATRIX, you can turn your existing non-GPU cluster into GPU cluster, with minimal additional hardware and without performing a complete refresh.”

MATRIX GPU Cloud combines AMAX’s award-winning Deep Learning and HPC platforms with first-in-industry GPU over Fabrics technology to transcend physical system limitations by aggregating and sharing GPU resources across multiple nodes within a single network. With the MATRIX, you now have a dynamic tool to maximize GPU utilization, consolidate compute power on demand, and spin up elastic on-premise GPU clouds for unlimited resource distribution and flexibility.

The MATRIX offering is an end-to-end solution. It’s not just a very powerful deep learning box, but it also has an integrated software layer for a plug and play solution. The software layer allows you to spin off instances, containers, which are pre-configured with Deep Learning frameworks, like Tensorflow, Caffe, Torch, and so on. So you don’t have to worry about having the IT to configure, set up or load things to make sure you have the latest version and things are working. You can literally, at a click of a button, spin off instances and be ready to go.”

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