Cycle Computing’s Tim Carroll on how Dell EMC Powers Cloud HPC

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In this video from the Dell EMC HPC Community meeting, Tim Carroll from Cycle Computing describes how the company makes it easier to move big HPC workloads to the Cloud with the help of Dell EMC.

“The ongoing struggle of our industry is the promise of accelerating innovation versus the challenges of long queue times, limited environment options, and trying to deliver a platform that efficiently serves all types of users. This dilemma often forces us to say “NO” to many new, unique user requests. Cloud is a tool to address that conundrum. Dell EMC has embraced the notion that hybrid environments of internal and external resources will be the optimal path for customers. We are very excited to partner with the Dell EMC team to deliver a complete hybrid cloud solution for Big Compute workloads in a way that no one else can today.

insideHPC: Ok. Sounds interesting, but what does it really offer to many of us in this space where HPC in the Cloud is still something we trying to understand where it fits?

Tim Carroll: This is exciting because people can start to solve the problems that they are having in today’s real world HPC data centers. For many reasons (physics and the speed of light driving some of them), HPC datacenters are not going away any time soon. For all the benefits that cloud offers there are still a lot of valid reasons for maintaining a “local” HPC data center. The ability to have large volumes of data, connected by very high speed interconnects with dedicated, high performance storage options and unique server configurations can deliver real competitive value relative to technologies available at scale within the cloud.

That said, there are also plenty of applications that currently run on HPC datacenter environments that don’t really need those specialized technologies and by running on those clusters, they clog up the queue for those people that can really leverage that stuff.
That is where the cloud, and specifically, the Dell EMC HPC Solution with CycleCloud really comes to bear. Being able to maximize the in-house use of compute technologies for the problems they are designed to work on while having a simple managed way to leverage cloud for other workloads is a win-win for all users.

With the combination of Dell EMC HPC Solutions and CycleCloud, organizations can deliver flexibility like never before. Queue times can be reduced to zero. All kinds of unique environments can be stood up and validated without interrupting existing production. HPC centers can immediately provide additional capacity, either on an as-needed basis or as a temporarily solution until internal resources can be added. The flexibility of this new solution finally enables the HPC centers to say “YES”!”

The next Dell HPC Community meeting takes place June 22 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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