Lustre Moves Forward: A Wrapup of LUG 2017

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In this special guest feature, Sarp Oral from ORNL writes that the recent LUG Lustre User Group meeting in Indiana has set a new course for the popular parallel file system.

Dr. Sarp Oral is a Research and Development Staff Member at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) of Oak Ridge National Laboratory

“The Open Scalable File Systems (OpenSFS) Lustre User Group LUG 2017 meeting was held at Bloomington, Indiana on May 30th – June 2nd, 2017. LUG is the premier event for the Lustre community and brings together developers, system architects and administrators, and users from all around the world to discuss the current status and future roadmap of Lustre.

The LUG 2017 event was hosted by Indiana University and sponsored by Data Direct Networks, Warp Mechanics, Intel, Indiana University, Aeon Computing, Cray, Seagate, and HGST. On May 30th, the Lustre Developers Day and Lustre Hackathon events, sponsored by UT-Battelle/Oak Ridge National Laboratory, were held as part of LUG 2017. The agenda, associated presentation materials, and soon videos of the presentations can be found at The LUG 2017 Program Committee was chaired by Stephane Thiell from Stanford University and Stephen Simms from Indiana University served as the LUG 2017 Chair.

It was evident from the attendance, presentations, and the discussions that the Lustre community is healthy, active, and growing. Lustre roadmap discussions and presentations were a clear indication that Lustre remains the choice for many high-performance computing facilities and data centers. Furthermore, new features like the Progressive File Layout (PFL), which is included in the upcoming Lustre version 2.10 Long Term Stable (LTS) release, paves the road for Lustre to be equipped with more enterprise-class features like File Level Redundancy.

Additional details on the Lustre roadmap and upcoming new features can be found within Andreas Dilger’s (Intel) talk.

OpenSFS Board elections were also held as part LUG 2017. These elections concluded the re-organization and transition of OpenSFS as a Lustre user driven organization. Newly elected OpenSFS Board members and officers include: Sarp Oral (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) as President, Kevin Harms (Argonne National Laboratory) as Vice President, Ken Rawlings (Indiana University) as Secretary, Rick Wagner (Globus) as Treasurer, and Shawn Hall (BP) as the Director At Large.

Open Scalable File Systems, Inc(R). is a strong and growing nonprofit organization dedicated to the success of the LustreR file system. OpenSFS was founded in 2010 to advance Lustre, ensuring it remains vendor-neutral, open, and free. Since its inception, OpenSFS has been responsible for advancing Lustre, delivering new releases on behalf of the open source community, initially via centralized and ongoing funding initiatives. Presently, OpenSFS harnesses the power of collaborative development to fuel innovation and growth of Lustre worldwide through working-groups, events, and coordinating dialogue between Lustre vendors and users.”

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