Is Water-Free Cooling the Real Future of HPC?

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In this video from ISC 2017, Olivier de Laet from Calyos describes the company’s innovative cooling technology for high performance computing.

“The HPC industry is ever facing is facing the challenge of ever-increasing cooling requirements. While liquid cooling cooling looks to be the best solution, what if you could achieve the same efficiencies without out using water and pumps?”

Enter Calytronics, cooling technology that is as simple as a heat pipe and as performant as liquid cooling. Calyos is the global leader in Advanced 2-Phase Cooling Solutions for electronic components. Based upon its unique and extensive expertise in Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) technologies, Calyos provides a comprehensive range of high performance, pumpless and passive platform cooling solutions for High Performance Computing and Power Electronics (PE).

Calytronics is a comprehensive range of cooling solutions for electronics components (CPU, GPU, ASIC, Memories, etc.) in computing servers. Developed for high heat load applications, it is especially suited for High Performance Computing, Data Center, overclocked configurations among others. Easily adaptable to any type of servers inside air or liquid cooled racks, Calytronics cooling solutions are powerful and fully passive. Using a motionless capillary pump, they provide their users with the best technical solution at the best total cost of ownership.

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