Call for Papers: HPC Systems Professionals Workshop

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The HPC Systems Professionals Workshop at SC17 has issued its Call for Papers.

Supercomputing systems present complex challenges to personnel who design, deploy and maintain these systems. Standing up these systems and keeping them running require novel solutions that are unique to high performance computing. The success of any supercomputing center depends on stable and reliable systems, and HPC Systems Professionals are crucial to that success.

The Second Annual HPC Systems Professionals Workshop will bring together systems administrators, systems  architects, and systems analysts in order to share best practices, discuss cutting­-edge technologies, and advance the state­ of ­the ­practice for HPC systems. Submissions are encouraged that  discuss all aspects of HPC systems design, implementation, maintenance, and security.

Topics of Interest:
*  Cluster, configuration, or software management
*  Performance tuning/Benchmarking
*  Resource manager and job scheduler configuration
*  Monitoring/Mean ­time ­to ­failure/ROI/Resource utilization
*  Virtualization/Clouds
*  Designing and troubleshooting HPC interconnects
*  Designing and maintaining HPC storage solutions
*  Cybersecurity and data protection

Submissions are due August 4, 2017.

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