Video: Building a GPU-enabled OpenStack Cloud for HPC

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In this video, Blair Bethwaite and Lance Wilson from Monash University present: Building a GPU-enabled OpenStack Cloud for HPC.

“M3 is the latest generation system of the MASSIVE project, an HPC facility specializing in characterization science (imaging and visualization). Using OpenStack as the compute provisioning layer, M3 is a hybrid HPC/cloud system, custom-integrated by Monash’s Research Cloud team. Built to support Monash University’s high-throughput instrument processing requirements, M3 is half-half GPU-accelerated and CPU-only. We’ll discuss the design and tech used to build this innovative platform as well as detailing approaches and challenges to building GPU-enabled and HPC clouds.”

Blair Bethwaite is a Senior HPC Consultant at Monash University. Blair has worked in distributed computing at Monash University for 10 years, with OpenStack for half of that. Having served as team lead, architect, administrator, user, researcher, and occasional hacker, Blair’s unique perspective as a science power-user, developer, and system architect has helped guide the evolution of the research computing engine central to Monash’s 21st Century Microscope.

Lance Wilson is a Senior HPC Consultant at Monash University. Lance is a mechanical engineer, who has been making tools to break things for the last 20 years. His career has moved through a number of engineering subdisciplines from manufacturing to bioengineering. Now he supports the national characterisation research community in Melbourne, Australia using OpenStack to create HPC systems solving problems too large for your laptop.

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