Video: ddR – Distributed Data Structures in R

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Edward Ma, Software Engineer at HPE

In this video, Michael Lawrence from Genentech and Edward Ma from HPE present: ddR – Distributed Data Structures in R.

“A few weeks ago, we revealed ddR (Distributed Data-structures in R), an exciting new project started by R-Core, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and others that provides a fresh new set of computational primitives for distributed and parallel computing in R. The package sets the seed for what may become a standardized and easy way to write parallel algorithms in R, regardless of the computational engine of choice. In designing ddR, we wanted to keep things simple and familiar. We expose only a small number of new user functions that are very close in semantics and API to their R counterparts. You can read the introductory material about the package here. In this post, we show how to use ddR functions.”

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