Video: Technical Challenges in Complex Bioinformatics Environments

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Dean Flanders is Head of Informatics at the Friedrich Miescher Institute

In this video from the 2017 DDN User Group meeting at ISC, Dean Flanders, Head of Informatics/CIO at Friedrich Miescher Institute presents: Technical Challenges in Complex Bioinformatics Environments.

“The Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (FMI), based in Basel, Switzerland, is a world-class center for basic research in life sciences. It was founded in 1970 as a joint effort of two Basel-based pharmaceutical companies. The FMI is devoted to the pursuit of fundamental biomedical research. Areas of expertise are neurobiology, mechanisms of cancer, which includes signaling pathways and DNA stability, and the epigenetics of stem cell development and cell differentiation. The institute counts 320 collaborators. It offers training in biomedical research to PhD students and postdoctoral fellows from around the world. In addition, the FMI is affiliated with the Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research and is an affiliated institute of the University of Basel.”

Dean Flanders received a B.A. in Chemistry and B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Minnesota in 1995. He initially pursued a career in human genetics, but was drawn to IT in support of research at the University of Minnesota. He then worked briefly in industry before moving to Switzerland to become Head of Informatics at the Friedrich Miescher Institute in 2000. Since then he has been involved in many activities to enable researchers by improving IT at the national and international levels.

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