Agenda Posted for LAD’17 in Paris

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The LAD’17 conference has posted their meeting agenda. Also known as the Lustre Administrator and Developer Workshop, the event takes place Oct. 4-5 in Paris.

EOFS and OpenSFS are organizing the seventh european lustre workshop. This will be a great opportunity for Lustre worldwide administrators and developers to gather and exchange their experiences, developments, tools, good practices and more.

Speakers include:

  • Frank Baetke, EOFS
  • Peter Jones, Intel HPDD
  • Carsten Beyer, DKRZ
  • Carlos Thomaz, DDN
  • Gabriele Iannetti, GSI
  • Cory Spitz, Cray
  • Shinji Sumimoto, Fujitsu
  • Li Xi, DDN
  • Patrick Farrell, Cray
  • Gabriele Pacciuci, Intel
  • Andreas Dilger, Intel
  • Gregoire Pichon, Atos
  • Sébastien Buisson, DDN
  • Andreas Dilger, Intel
  • Dave Holland, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
  • Andrew Elwell, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre
  • Olaf Weber, HPE
  • Sergey Cheremencev, Seagate
  • Shuichi Ihara, DDN
  • Adam Roe, Intel

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