Call for Abstracts: Intel HPC Developer Conference at SC17

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Gergana Slavova from Intel

In this special guest feature, Gergana Slavova writes that the upcoming Intel HPC Developer Conference at SC17 offers an exciting opportunity to reap the benefits of Code Modernization.

In today’s ever advancing world of high performance computing knowledge is key. The challenges of squeezing more performance, developing faster and more scalable applications, and implementing higher degrees of parallelism are driving the industry. Now, more than ever, you as developers play a critical role. We’re looking for your expertise, experience, and most of all, your smarts to guide this and the next generation of HPC developers.

We’re looking for the innovators of the industry. You can help push HPC to a higher level by sharing your unique knowledge. The Intel HPC Developer Conference 2017 has become the place for developers to learn about the latest trends, developments, and the future of HPC. By submitting an abstract and speaking at the conference you will be able to reach top-level decision makers within the HPC industry and share your great work. Join me and other Intel Black Belt Software Developers in making this the best conference yet!

Conference topics include:

  • Parallel Programming: Parallelism is critical to achieving performance at all levels of the computing landscape, from small edge devices to the largest supercomputers.
  • High Productivity Languages: Helping drive not only emerging research in HPC but also being deployed at scale in Big Data/Machine Learning HPC environments
  • Artificial Intelligence: Machine/Deep Learning is transforming everything from self-driving cars to health care analytics.
    Systems: Configuration, Management & Cloud – Standing up HPC systems, keeping them healthy and running optimally is challenging at any scale
  • Enterprise: Sharing how real-world enterprise can harness the power of analytics and AI to drive competitive advantage.
  • Visualization Development: Enabling high performance, interactive and high-fidelity (up to photo-realistic) CPU-based rendering using libraries for IA

The Intel HPC Developer Conference takes place Nov. 11-12 in Denver.

Gergana Slavova received her bachelor’s degree in computer science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2005. Following graduation, she joined the Intel Software and Services Group as a Technical Consulting Engineer, a position she has held since the start. Gergana has been an Intel Software Black Belt since 2013. She works in the high performance computing area where she provides technical support, training, and consulting expertise for a suite of distributed memory development tools.

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