Intel Xeon Scalable Platform Enables Major Advancements for HPC

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This sponsored post outlines the new Intel Xeon scalable platform, which offers higher performance, agility, and security for AI, modeling, and more. 

Described by Intel as the biggest platform advancement in a decade, the new Intel Xeon Scalable Platform accelerates high-performance computing (HPC) workloads and provides new capabilities to advance emerging fields like artificial intelligence and self-driving vehicles.

Designed to meet the needs of compute-intense HPC applications, the latest processors offer security enhancements alongside significant performance improvements. For workloads like AI, deep learning training, and inference performance, Intel Xeon Scalable processors can deliver up to 2.2x performance over the prior generation. These speed characteristics, alongside enhanced I/O flexibility and memory bandwidth, can help solve today’s most advanced HPC challenges. By gaining data insights faster than ever before, engineers, scientists, and researchers can drive discoveries to answer more questions, more quickly. Similarly, corporations and organizations of all sizes can benefit from shorter development cycles, bringing products to market faster than before.

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Highly innovative fields requiring HPC, like artificial intelligence, can reap several immediate benefits with the newest platform. The computing technology behind autonomous vehicles, for example, requires real-time analysis of ever-changing road conditions producing an extreme load on computing infrastructure. An HPC system must achieve its full potential to ensure accurate vehicle navigation, collision avoidance, safety, and fuel efficiency. Bottlenecks among workloads like advanced vectorization, scientific simulations, and financial analytics yield to greater acceleration with the new platform.

Optimized for demanding and innovative workloads

Intel Xeon processor Scalable family, offering 28 cores on tap, significant increases in memory and I/O bandwidth, and the latest onboard technologies, delivers the HPC agility needed by these industries to take their innovations into the future. Intel AVX-512 boosts performance for the most demanding computational workloads, with up to double the number of FLOPS1 per clock cycle compared to the previous generation. Intel Omni-Path Architecture provides 100Gbps bandwidth and low-latency next-generation fabric for HPC clusters. The result? Intel Xeon Scalable processors provide the scale needed to meet your evolving needs.

The new platform supplements these updates with additional HPC performance-boosting technologies including Intel Optane SSDs and Intel® QuickAssist.  Also, since system security remains an important issue for networks and HPC systems of all sizes, the new Intel Xeon Scalable platform also incorporates Intel Key Protection Technology for significantly improved cryptography performance to accelerate real-time analysis.

Rapidly growing ecosystem

New platform adoption not only depends on the hardware and software innovations behind it, but on its ability to empower developers, system integrators, and OEMs. Intel offers tools, libraries, and contributions to the open-source community to help developers take advantage of the Intel Xeon Scalable platform’s hardware innovations.

New platform adoption not only depends on the hardware and software innovations behind it, but on its ability to empower developers, system integrators, and OEMs.

Already, more than 7,000 software developers and hundreds of ecosystem partners embrace the capabilities and benefits the new platform offers. OEMs and systems integrators like Cray, Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Huawei, Lenovo, Supermicro, and others plan updates to their HPC portfolios to offer their customers greater power and flexibility resulting from the new processors. Early adopters are already reaping benefits from the new platform’s enhanced capabilities, and many other organizations plan HPC system upgrades to make the most of the latest Intel technology.

Intel technologies at work for you

Those interested in learning more about how the Intel Xeon Scalable Platform can modernize their organization’s HPC infrastructure can contact their systems integrator for customized solutions.

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