Mellanox BlueField Accelerates NVMe over Fabrics

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Today Mellanox announced the availability of storage reference platforms based on its revolutionary BlueField System-on-Chip (SoC), combining a programmable multicore CPU, networking, storage, security, and virtualization acceleration engines into a single, highly integrated device.

BlueField is the most highly integrated NVMe over Fabrics solution,” said Michael Kagan, CTO of Mellanox. “By tightly integrating high-speed networking, programmable ARM cores, PCIe switching, cache, memory management, and smart offload technology all in one chip; the result is improved performance, power consumption, and affordability for flash storage arrays. BlueField is a key part of our Ethernet Storage Fabric solution, which is the most efficient way to network and share high-performance storage.”

BlueField integrates all the technologies needed to connect NVMe over Fabrics flash arrays, with the fastest performance available in the market. BlueField provides 200 Gb/s of throughput and more than 10 million IOPS in a single SoC device. In addition, the powerful on-board multicore ARM processor subsystem enables flexible programmability that allows vendors to differentiate their software-defined storage appliances with advanced capabilities. This makes BlueField the ideal chip to control and connect All Flash Arrays and Just-a-Bunch-Of-Flash (JBOF) systems to InfiniBand and Ethernet Storage fabrics.

“As data takes over the world, networked storage takes over computing,” said Peter Burris, GM and Chief Research Officer of Wikibon. “The BlueField SoC controller is a leading example of the right technology at the right time.”

BlueField will power a new class of flash storage designs based on Mellanox’s robust SoC,” said Evan Chien, Director of Inventec. “We are pleased to see this advancement as BlueField enables a new level of flexible programmability that will enable us to differentiate our products with additional advanced capabilities.”

In this video, Mellanox describes, BlueField is the premier system on chip solution for flash JBOF, flash array, NVMe Over Fabrics storage appliances.

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