Preliminary Agenda Posted for HP-CAST at SC17 in Denver

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HPE has posted the preliminary agenda for HP-CAST at SC17 in Denver. Now open for registration, the event takes place Nov. 10-11 at the Grand Hyatt hotel.

The High Performance Consortium for Advanced Scientific and Technical (HP-CAST) computing users group works to increase the capabilities of Hewlett Packard Enterprise solutions for large-scale, scientific and technical computing. HP-CAST provides guidance to Hewlett Packard Enterprise on the essential development and support issues for such systems. HP-CAST meetings typically include corporate briefings and presentations by HPE executives and technical staff (under NDA), and discussions of customer issues related to high-performance technical computing.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Stephan Schenk, BASF
  • Satoshi Matsuoka, Tokyo Institute of Tech

Highlights include:

  • HPE’s Exascale strategy in detail
  • A new high-end track “H” reflects the fact that HPE now have more systems in the higher ranks of the TOP500. This track provides a forum to discuss specific requirements and challenges of liquid-cooled systems.
  • A new track named “P” for “Portfolio of HPC Systems” covers details of all remaining server architectures relevant to HPC, AI and Big Data.
  • For the first time HPE will be offering a dedicated track on “The Machine” – see track “T” for more details.

Breakout session tracks on Saturday, Nov 11:

Track A: Accelerators, Processors, Software Environments (4h)
Track B: Big Data, Parallel File Systems, Object Storage and Data Analytics (3h50’)
Track C: Clouds for HPC (2h)
Track D: Data Analytics and Machine Learning (2h)
Track H: High End HPC Product Update – Apollo SGI 8600 (1h)
Track I: Interconnect Technologies – Current and Future Products and Standards (2h)
Track M: Architecture, Cartridges, Software and Applications for Moonshot (1h)
Track P: Portfolio Servers for HPC other than high-end (2h)
Track S: HPE Software Environments – HPC Middleware and Solutions (2h)
Track T: The Machine – An In-depth Workshop with Hands-on Exercises (4h)
Track V: Visualization for HPC (40’)
Track W: Workflow Solutions for HPC (2h)

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