Radio Free HPC Looks at Posit Computing

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In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team looks at the problems with IEEE Floating Point.

“As described in a recent presentation by John Gustafson, the flaws and idiosyncrasies of floating-point arithmetic “constitute a sizable portion of any curriculum on Numerical Analysis.” The whole thing has Dan pretty worked up, so we hope that the news of Posit Computing coming to the new processors from Rex Computing will help. The A*STAR center at the National University of Singapore will be one of the first to test out Rex machines later this month.”

After that, we do our Catch of the Week:

  • Shahin is looking into end-to-end secure cyber supply chain as an element of IoT. It turns out to be a very tough problem to solve and you have to control from the point of inception.
  • Henry points out that the US Army is reportedly banning all drones from China’s DJI. The company is one of the biggest manufacturers of drones.
  • Rich is impressed with the new 18 Petaflop Stampede 2 supercomputer at TACC. As the biggest academic supercomputer in Academia, the Dell machine is a showcase for Intel’s HPC technologies.

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