Rescale Partners with HPC Systems in Japan

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Today Rescale announced a channel partnership with HPC Systems Inc., a high-performance computing hardware integrator based in Japan, to deliver Rescale’s ScaleX big compute platform to the Japanese market beginning July 2017.

We are extremely pleased to be partnering with HPC Systems, whose diverse services and products have a proven track record in Japanese computational science,” said Rescale’s CEO Joris Poort. “Our partnership will provide joint customers with new potential for innovation and will accelerate research in materials and drug development and discovery.”

Demand for cloud computing in scientific and technological computing in physics, chemistry, and engineering has increased in recent years. Rescale will now offer its ScaleX big compute platform through HPC Systems, which specializes in delivering high-performance computing systems to the scientific R&D community. Rescale helps shorten the development period in many scientific disciplines, such as in new drug discovery, and the partnership with HPC Systems will enable a wider community to appreciate the many benefits of computing on the cloud.

The agreement will allow HPC Systems to offer cloud services to its customers through a hybrid cloud stack, allowing them to leverage the cloud’s agility to quickly set up HPC environments and secure flexible computing resources at peak times. Via an API call to the ScaleX platform, HPC Systems’ optimization software Reaction plus Pro will integrate with ScaleX’s third-party scientific computing software applications, in addition to HPC Systems’ native applications.

With ScaleX, R&D scientists no longer need to carry out IT tasks such as setting up their computing environment or managing fixed assets. In addition, customers are able to run jobs on the ScaleX platform on-demand without the limitations of job runtime that are commonly enforced in enterprise IT environments to manage limited compute resources.

HPC Systems is excited to partner with Rescale, the world’s leading cloud platform service provider for HPC solutions,” said Teppei Ono, CEO of HPC Systems. “Together, we are combining Rescale’s ScaleX cloud HPC platform with on-premises environments built with our HPC integration technology to deliver a hybrid system to researchers, scientists, and engineers in materials and life sciences. We look forward to offering turnkey software solutions both in Japan and worldwide.”

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