Video: What is Wrong with Convolutional Neural Nets?

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In this video from the Vector Institute, Geoffrey Hinton from the University of Toronto presents: What is Wrong with Convolutional Neural Nets?

“What is wrong with ‘standard’ Convolutional Neural Nets? They have too few levels of structure: Neurons, Layers, and Whole Nets. We need to group neurons in each layer in ‘capsules’ that do a lot of internal computation and then output a compact result.”

According to Hinton, a “capsule” is a subset of neurons within a layer that outputs both an “instantiation parameter” indicating whether an entity is present within a limited domain and a vector of “pose parameters” specifying the pose of the entity relative to a canonical version.

Geoffrey Hinton FRS is a British-born Canadian cognitive psychologist and computer scientist, most noted for his work on artificial neural networks. He divides his time working for Google and University of Toronto.

The Vector Institute has a mission drive excellence and leadership in Canada’s knowledge, creation, and use of artificial intelligence (AI) to foster economic growth and improve the lives of Canadians. Launched March 30, VI has already attracted nearly $100 million in public funding and close to $90 million more from 34 companies eager to get in on the ground floor and develop, attract and retain the talent needed to make Canada a global AI powerhouse in deep and machine learning. Announcements on additional corporate support are pending.

We wanted to create a magnet for talent and create companies around it doing and using artificial intelligence … All levels of government, universities, researchers and venture capital are all aligned to seize the opportunity,” says Jordan Jacobs, Co-CEO & Co-Founder at Layer 6 AI, a Toronto-based AI start-up developing deep learning products geared towards financial institutions, e-commerce and media. “Canada has a research lead on AI and we need to capitalize on it … Everything is happening at a very fast clip.”

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