HPE to Bundle Altair PBS Pro Workload Manager

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Today Altair announced a multi-year original equipment manufacturing (OEM) agreement with HPE. This agreement represents an expansion of the long-term partnership between HPE and SGI (whom HPE recently acquired). HPE will now be able to include Altair’s PBS Professional workload manager and job scheduler on all of HPE’s high performance computing (HPC) systems, ensuring scalability of price and performance as system sizes and CPU-core counts continue to increase.

We are delighted to strengthen our strategic collaboration with HPE,” said Sam Mahalingam, Chief Technical Officer for Enterprise Solutions at Altair. “With PBS Professional as its premier workload management software supplier, HPE will be able to provide our common customers with a powerful solution to meet their growing HPC requirements.”

PBS Professional gives HPE cluster users a more efficient, reliable solution for HPC workload management. As an HPE-integrated product, PBS Professional optimizes job scheduling on HPE Apollo and HPE SGI servers to achieve the highest levels of system utilization. PBS Professional is also integrated with HPE’s HPC system management solutions: HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility for (CMU) for HPE Apollo and HPE ProLiant platforms as well as HPE SGI Management Suite for HPE SGI 8600 systems.

Altair’s PBS Professional is an established leader in HPC workload management,” said Bill Mannel, Vice President and General Manager for HPC and AI segment solutions at HPE. “We look forward to leveraging this agreement to give our customers access to an attractive PBS Professional offering to manage job scheduling and maximize system utilization on HPE’s industry leading HPC infrastructure.”

As the hardware vendor with the largest HPC market share, HPE offers the broadest spectrum of high-performance computing solutions, from workgroup and departmental servers to systems designed for the engineering enterprise and supercomputing centers.

Altair has served the HPC market for decades with award-winning workload management, engineering, and cloud computing software. Used by thousands of companies worldwide, PBS Professional enables engineers in HPC environments to improve productivity, optimize resource utilization and efficiency, and simplify the process of cluster workload management.

Customers can already obtain PBS Professional through HPE and its authorized resellers under the terms of the OEM agreement.

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