OpenHPC: Project Overview and Updates

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Karl Schulz, Intel

In this video from the 2017 MVAPICH User Group, Karl Schulz from Intel presents: OpenHPC: Project Overview and Updates.

“There is a growing sense within the HPC community for the need to have an open community effort to more efficiently build, test, and deliver integrated HPC software components and tools. To address this need, OpenHPC launched as a Linux Foundation collaborative project in 2016 with combined participation from academia, national labs, and industry. The project’s mission is to provide a reference collection of open-source HPC software components and best practices in order to lower barriers to deployment and advance the use of modern HPC methods and tools. This presentation will present an overview of the project, highlight packaging conventions and currently available software, outline integration testing/validation efforts with bare-metal installation recipes, and discuss recent updates and expected future plans.”

Karl W. Schulz received his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas in 1999. After completing a one- year post-doc, he transitioned to the commercial software industry working for the CD-Adapco group as a Senior Project Engineer to develop and support engineering software in the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). After several years in industry, Karl returned to the University of Texas in 2003, joining the research staff at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), a leading research center for advanced computational science, engineering and technology. During his 10-year term at TACC, Karl was actively engaged in HPC research, scientific curriculum development and teaching, technology evaluation and integration, and strategic initiatives serving on the Center’s leadership team as an Associate Director and leading TACC’s HPC group and Scientific Applications group during his tenure. He was a Co-principal investigator on multiple Top-25 system deployments serving as application scientist and principal architect for the cluster management software and HPC environment. Karl also served as the Chief Software Architect for the PECOS Center within the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences, a research group focusing on the development of next-generation software to support multi-physics simulations and uncertainty quantification. Karl joined the Technical Computing Group at Intel in January 2014 and is presently a Principal Engineer engaged in the architecture, development, and validation of HPC system software.

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