Video: How MVAPICH & MPI Power Scientific Research

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In this video from the 2017 MVAPICH User Group, Adam Moody from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory presents: MVAPICH: How a Bunch of Buckeyes Crack Tough Nuts.

“High-performance computing is being applied to solve the world’s most daunting problems, including researching climate change, studying fusion physics, and curing cancer. MPI is a key component in this work, and as such, the MVAPICH team plays a critical role in these efforts. In this talk, I will discuss recent science that MVAPICH has enabled and describe future research that is planned. I will detail how the MVAPICH team has responded to address past problems and list the requirements that future work will demand.”

Adam Moody is a member of the Development Environment Group within Livermore Computing. His background is in MPI development, collective algorithms, networking, and parallel I/O. He is responsible for supporting MPI on Livermore’s Linux clusters. He is a project lead for the Scalable Checkpoint / Restart library and mpiFileUtils — two projects that use MPI to help users manage large data sets. He leads the CORAL burst buffer working group for Livermore. In recent work, he has been investigating how to employ MPI and fast storage in deep learning frameworks like LBANN.

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