Industry Analysis: AI and Deep Learning – the Voice of the Market

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Dan Olds,

In this video from HPC Advisory Council Spain Conference, Dan Olds from OrionX presents insights from their Q2-Q3 2017 Survey on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Deep Learning – one of the industry’s most comprehensive AI/ML/DL surveys to date with more than 144 data points.

“Dan Olds talks the audience through the demographics and questions, respondents’ understanding of AI/ML/DL, current projects, who is driving AI in organizations, project attributes and more.”

Dan Olds is an Industry Analyst at OrionX. An authority on technology trends and customer requirements, Dan Olds is a frequently quoted expert in industry and business publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, Computerworld, eWeek,, and PCWorld. In addition to server, storage, and network technologies, Dan closely follows the Big Data, Cloud, and HPC markets. He writes the “HPC Blog” on The Register, co-hosts the popular Radio Free HPC podcast, and is the acknowledged go-to person for the coverage of the supercomputing industry’s highly lauded Student Cluster Challenge.

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