New Subsea Cable Lowers Network Costs from Iceland to North America by 90%

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The cost of moving HPC workloads to Iceland is coming down in a big way. Today Verne Global and Tele Greenland announced that the 12.4-Tbps upgrade to the Greenland Connect subsea cable system with three new 100-Gpbs connections into Verne Global’s Icelandic data center, is now complete. The upgraded network provides streamlined routing from Iceland to the New York City metro area, lower latency and up to 90% lower network costs. Tele Greenland has also invested in improving route security to ensure data integrity and protect cables from elemental factors.

Our customers now have a faster, higher-capacity and dramatically lower-cost connection directly into the heart of the US financial markets in New York City,” said Dominic Ward, Managing Director at Verne Global. “Verne Global’s Icelandic campus has quickly become an integral part of the data center ecosystem, providing a vital link between markets as the use of intensive compute such as high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics rise across industries.”

Tele Greenland, the main telecommunications provider in Greenland, made the investment in Greenland Connect to ensure that any company’s networking requirements could be met immediately, allowing its customers to scale as needed. Tele Greenland upgraded the route to improve its connections from North America, through Iceland, to major markets in Europe and back.

Iceland is a natural gateway for our customers in North America to leading markets in the U.K. and throughout Europe,” said Frank Gabriel, Senior Key Account Manager, Wholesale, Tele Greenland. “The partnership with Verne Global enables our customers to have the network capacity they need, access to the Iceland’s renewable power and stable energy grid, and Verne Global’s HPC-optimised data center for the intensive, high-network capacity applications driving business today.”

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