Radio Free HPC Announces Project Cyclops for World’s Fastest Node

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In this podcast, Dan Olds from OrionX describes Project Cyclops – a benchmarking quest to build the world’s fastest single node.

Codenamed “Cyclops”, the single-node supercomputer demonstrates the computational power that individual scientists, engineers, artificial intelligence practitioners, and data scientists can deploy in their offices. Cyclops has achieved results of (score) for the HPCC benchmark, a mark of (score) for the HPCG benchmark, and a score of (score) for the Graph500 benchmark. These results set new single node high water marks for the (list benchmark we achieved records on).

We’ve done more than 150 podcasts talking about topics in high performance computing,” said Dan Olds, partner at Research. “It was time we actually put something together and take a run at some of these benchmarks.” Rich Brueckner commented, “We couldn’t have done this without our sponsors, who include Intel, Kingston, Seagate, and Ebullient Cooling Solutions. They’ve been incredibly helpful.”

Project Cyclops is building a system based on a chassis provided by Supermicro and is fueled by a pair of Intel Xeon E5 v4 processors, 128 GB of Kingston DDR4 memory, and M2 SSD drives from Seagate. An innovative liquid cooling system from CoolIT Systems will chill the processors and GPU accelerators. RedLine Performance Solutions will provide system testing and will help optimize the system for benchmarking and workload runs.

After that, we do our Catch of the Week:

  • Dan does his new Weekly Rant feature, asking why people don’t put their contact info in their email signature.
  • Shahin notes that the new iPhone X reportedly has face recognition capabilities, though their demo didn’t work at the launch event. Henry says this is just another step and not an end of the quest for better security.
  • Henry says the recent Equifax debacle marks the sixth time that his info has been hacked.
  • Rich points us to this story on HPC and Kubernetes.

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