Radio Free HPC Looks at how How Blockchain Could Prevent Fake News

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Henry S. Newman

In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team looks at Henry Newman’s recent proposal to use Blockchain as a way to combat Fake News. Henry shares that this rant result from what he saw as an egregious story that was going around that could have been easily quashed.

“What if every audio or video app on your phone, TV news camera or your video camera automatically came set up to create blockchains that included information such as geolocation, date and time? Editing programs would also be required to use blockchain. And what if every frame that was edited had a blockchain describing what changes were made?”

While we have questions about implementation, the need for better authentication was center stage this week as Sheryl Sandberg was on Capital Hill explaining how Russia duped Facebook into running political ads.

We are now at a crossroads. The truth matters. And in the immortal words of the $6 Million Man intro, “We have the technology.” We better use that technology — and use it quickly — or we will be overcome with falsehoods and mistruths.”

After that, we do our Catch of the Week:

  • Dan announced that he is moving his ongoing news coverage of Student Cluster Competitions from The Register to HPC Wire.
  • Dan invited all 12 of our listeners to join us for our annual live podcast recording this year at SC17. The event starts at 6pm on Nov. 12 at the Guard and Grace Steak House in Denver.
  • Shahin notes that the value of Bitcoin went to $5700 recently. He cites one of the reasons is that more people are sitting on their coins and just not selling.
  • Rich pointed us to news that our friend, Ruud van der Pas from Oracle has co-authored a new book entitled: OpenMP: The Next Step.

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