Video: NASA Advanced Computing Environment for Science & Engineering

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Dr. Rupak Biswas is currently the Director of Exploration Technology at NASA Ames Research Center.

In this video from the 2017 Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing, Rupak Biswas from NASA presents: NASA Advanced Computing Environment for Science & Engineering.

“High performance computing is now integral to NASA’s portfolio of missions to pioneer the future of space exploration, accelerate scientific discovery, and enable aeronautics research. Anchored by the Pleiades supercomputer at NASA Ames Research Center, the High End Computing Capability (HECC) Project provides a fully integrated environment to satisfy NASA’s diverse modeling, simulation, and analysis needs. In addition, HECC serves as the agency’s expert source for evaluating emerging HPC technologies and maturing the most appropriate ones into the production environment. This includes investigating advanced IT technologies such as accelerators, cloud computing, collaborative environments, big data analytics, and adiabatic quantum computing. The overall goal is to provide a consolidated bleeding-edge environment to support NASA’s computational and analysis requirements for science and engineering applications.”

Dr. Rupak Biswas is currently the Director of Exploration Technology at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., and has held this Senior Executive Service (SES) position since January 2016. In this role, he in charge of planning, directing, and coordinating the technology development and operational activities of the organization that comprises of advanced supercomputing, human systems integration, intelligent systems, and entry systems technology. The directorate consists of approximately 700 employees with an annual budget of $160 million, and includes two of NASA’s critical and consolidated infrastructures: arc jet testing facility and supercomputing facility. He is also the Manager of the NASA-wide High End Computing Capability Project that provides a full range of advanced computational resources and services to numerous programs across the agency. In addition, he leads the emerging quantum computing effort for NASA.

Dr. Biswas received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Rensselaer in 1991, and has been at NASA ever since. During this time, he has received several NASA awards, including the Exceptional Achievement Medal and the Outstanding Leadership Medal. He is an internationally recognized expert in high performance computing and has published more than 150 technical papers, received many Best Paper awards, edited several journal special issues, and given numerous lectures around the world.

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