Video: Why your school should enter the ISC Student Cluster Competition

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In this video, future HPC professionals discuss their participation in the ISC Student Cluster Competition.

“Sponsored by the HPC Advisory Council, the Student Cluster Competition has been a catalyst inspiring novel ideas and highly innovative approaches while instilling a healthy competitive spirit and camaraderie resulting in lasting friendships amongst participants. These self-starter STEM undergraduates form teams, turning lessons learned into applied knowledge, exhibiting their technical prowess through live benchmarking and on the fly troubleshooting. Teams are exposed to prospective employers and professional opportunities where they can apply their highly desired technical skillsets and experiences to their career and greatly benefit their future employers and work place.”

Now in its seventh year, the Student Cluster Competition enables international teams to take part in a real-time contest focused on advancing STEM disciplines and HPC skills development. To take home top honors, the teams will have to showcase systems of their own design, adhering to strict power constraints and achieve the highest performance across a series of standard HPC benchmarks and applications.

There’s still time to enter your team in the ISC 2018 Student Cluster Competition. Team Applications will be accepted through November 10, 2017. The top twelve teams selected will be announced on November 15, 2017 and face off in Frankfurt, Germany, during the annual ISC High Performance and Exhibition scheduled for June 24-28, 2018.