Agenda Posted for ARM HPC User Group at SC17

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The ARM HPC User Group has posted their Agenda for their SC17 Meetup. The event takes place Monday, Nov. 13 from 1:00 – 6:30pm at the Grand Hyatt in Denver.

Join us for Arm’s third annual HPC User Group session held during SC17 in Denver, CO. Sessions will feature presentations by Arm ecosystem leads, end-users, and ecosystem partners involved in the deployment of Arm servers for HPC.

Agenda topics will include:

  • Arm HPC deployments: early looks, best practices, and ecosystem readiness
  • Arm HPC technology partners: new silicon launches, OS support, and connectivity
  • Future Arm architectural enablement for HPC

In 2017, as we’ve continued to bolster our HPC ecosystem, we are seeing more and more news relating to Arm partner silicon readiness for HPC, Arm is finding itself in a similar point on the HPC landscape,” writes Darren Cepulis from ARM. “After years of determined preparation and partnerships, significant deployments are now on the near horizon for Arm and its partners.

At the end of 2016, Arm announced the acquisition of Allinea, bringing in house a strong set of debug and analysis tools for Arm, while continuing Allinea’s strong message of cross-platform support. The move also brought Arm a talented set of HPC applications experts and a world-wide sales/support team.

At SC17, ARM is reaching out to the HPC community with Gitlab wiki pages for community collaboration on HPC applications and packages. They’re also supporting the OpenHPC consortium with a full release of the OpenHPC baseline.

Cepulis notes that there are numerous Arm centric sessions on the SC17 schedule:

  • Arm HPC User Group Meeting (Monday 1 – 6pm, Grandy Hyatt Denver, Aspen Ballroom)
  • Arm BOF (Tuesday 5:15pm, SC17 Rm 701)
  • Arm PANEL (Tuesday 1:30pm SC17 Rm 201-203)
  • OPENSHMEM BOF (Wednesday 5:15pm, SC17 Rm 501-502)
  • OPENHPC BOF (Wednesday 12:15pm, SC17 Rm 507)
  • Arm SVE WORKSHOP (Thursday 2 – 4pm, Grand Hyatt Denver, Aspen Ballroom)
  • SC17 Exhibitor Forum Presentations:
    • Fujitsu – Post-K Supercomputer powered by Arm (Tuesday 1:30pm, SC17 Rm 501-502)
    • Cavium – ThunderX2 and Beyond (Tuesday 2:30pm, SC17 Rm 501-502)
    • Arm – Road to Exascale (Wednesday 2pm, SC17 Rm 501-502)

You can catch up with ARM at their SC17 booth #1781.

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