BOXX rolls out AMD EPYC Deep Learning Server at SC17

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Boxx GX8-M

This week at SC17, BOXX Technologies debuted the new GX8-M server, featuring dual AMD EPYC 7000-series processors, eight full-size AMD or NVIDIA graphics cards, and other innovative features designed to accelerate high performance computing applications. The GX8-M will be joined by other new BOXX products including the GX8-D, the D5, and the W4.

SC Conference attendees want to learn how tomorrow’s technology is being used to solve today’s most demanding challenges,” said Shoaib Mohammad, BOXX VP of Marketing and Business Development. “So BOXX is taking the lead with deep learning solutions like the GX8-M which enables users to boost high performance computing application performance and accelerate their workflows like never before.”

With flexibility to match CPU and memory to GPU, GX8-M is available with single or dual AMD EPYC 7000-series processors. The server also features up to eight, full-size AMD Radeon Pro Radeon Instinct, NVIDIA Quadro, or Tesla graphics cards for maximum GPU- accelerated application performance. Additional features include up to 64 high performance cores (128 threads) to boost performance and compute density, and up to 4TB of DDR4 memory on a dual EPYC processor configuration to accelerate memory-intensive application performance. GX8-M also includes up to ten removable SSD/SATA drives and four internal SSD/SATA drives.

The GX8-M is joined by the 56-core GX8-D, a deep learning server featuring dual Intel Xeon SP CPUs that also offer the flexibility to match both CPU and memory to the GPU. Built to boost performance and compute density, GX8-D includes up to 2TB or DDR4 memory to accelerate memory-intensive application performance and up to eight NVIDIA Quadro, Tesla, AMD Radeon Pro, or Radeon Instinct graphics cards to maximize GPU-accelerated application performance.

In addition to the GX8 servers, the BOXX booth will also include the D5, a product which provides quiet, deskside cooling for server-class GPU accelerators. The D5 also enables users to develop deskside on the same GPUs they deploy to in pilot and production. Four NVIDIA V100 graphics cards, featuring the latest Volta architecture and Tensor Cores, accelerate computing, while the remaining GPU powers desktop graphics. The BOXX system also includes dual, liquid-cooled Intel Xeon SP CPUs.

AMD EPYC 7000-series processors provide a powerful platform for the BOXX GX8-M,” said Scott Aylor, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, AMD Enterprise Solutions. “Taking advantage of the massive I/O footprint and leading memory bandwidth of EPYC means that system providers such as BOXX can deliver greater performance for deep learning solutions without the added cost of PCI switches.”

The BOXX supercomputing lineup is rounded out by the desktop model W4 equipped with Intel Xeon W-series processors (up to 18 high-frequency cores), support for four NVIDIA Titan GPUs, and four, full-speed PCIe Gen3 X16 slots, while ultra-fast M.2 and U.2 NVMe storage options support the data needs of GPU-accelerated computing.

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