GRC Builds GPU-Based Immersion Cluster for TACC

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Green Revolution Cooling will soon deliver a custom GPU-based cluster to the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). A long-time advocate and user of GRC’s immersion cooling technology, the TACC installation has expanded over the years to include more racks and this new order will further build on the existing deployment.

What’s interesting about this expansion is the use of servers designed for immersion. Apart from the flexibility it provides us to get exactly the configuration we need, the cost savings that immersion cooling enables [on the hardware side] are extremely impressive,” said Dan Stanzione, Executive Director of TACC. “Being early adopters of GRC’s immersion cooling system we have seen the technology mature rapidly over the years. And with the growing power and computing needs of AI and machine learning applications, especially with hotter and hotter GPUs, cooling is even more important for reliability.”

The NVIDIA GPU-based cluster will be made up of GRC’s Minimus Servers designed for immersion. The custom hardware made by GRC in partnership with Supermicro exploits the cost benefits of designing hardware specifically for immersion. By removing thermal constraints, immersion enables simpler layout and removal of components such as fans and intricate chassis designed for air flow.

As part of the new deployment, GRC will be joining the ‘Science and Technology Affiliates for Research’ (STAR) Industry Partners program. STAR offers opportunities for companies to increase their effectiveness through advanced computing technologies. The mission of this program is to promote a mutually beneficial exchange between industry and academia in advanced computing techniques and technologies, and at the same time foster a framework for technology innovation and support economic development in the state of Texas and across the nation. Through this program, GRC will collaborate with TACC to advance fundamental and applied research and development in the areas of science, technology, and engineering, among others.

We are excited to see one of the leading HPC organizations in the world, and a long-running customer continue to expand their installation,” said Peter Poulin, CEO at Green Revolution Cooling “TACC has played a significant role in helping us improve our product and make it the mature solution it is today.”

This is the second custom cluster that GRC has announced in as many months, coming off the success of its custom cluster deployment at John Paul Catholic University.

Our goal is to make HPC more affordable. Offering lower cost, energy dense servers that take full advantage of our highly efficient CarnotJet cooling system is a huge benefit to our customers,” said Larry Stone, VP of Engineering at GRC “we are seeing a growing number of people opt for servers designed for immersion, over traditional big brand OEM hardware.”

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