Nallatech Showcases Next Generation FPGA Accelerators at SC17

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Last week at SC17, Nallatech showcased their FPGA solutions for high-performance computing, low latency network acceleration, and data analytics.

FPGAs are being deployed in volume across a range of on-premise platforms and cloud infrastructure to achieve a step-change in application performance and energy-efficiency above and beyond what can be achieved using conventional processor technologies” said Craig Petrie, VP Business Development of FPGA Solutions at Nallatech. “We’re excited to be showcasing our new OpenCL-programmable ‘520’ product range featuring Intel Stratix-10 FPGAs. These server-qualified accelerator products have been engineered to cost-effectively solve demanding co-processing and real-time data ingest and enrichment applications.”

Two example applications featuring latest hardware and tools demonstrate FPGAs significant value to customers:
  • Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) – Object classification using a low profile Nallatech 385A PCIe accelerator card with a discrete Intel Arria 10 FPGA accelerator programmed using Intel’s OpenCL Software Development Kit. Built on the BVLC Caffe deep learning framework, an FPGA interface and IP accelerate processing intensive components of the algorithm. Nallatech IP is capable of processing an image through the AlexNet neural network in nine milliseconds. The Arria10-based 385A board has the capacity to process six CNN images in parallel allowing classification of 660 images per second.


  • KAFKA Ingest/Egress – Acceleration of KAFKA Producers using the advanced capabilities of Intel’s new Stratix-10 FPGA silicon and OpenCL Software Development Kit (SDK). This case study describes an analytic framework that provides up to 40 times increase in ingest performance enabling real-time data filtering and enrichment.
 Additionally, Nallatech will display a range of leading-edge technologies at SC17 including:
  • 520N Network Accelerator Card — A GPU/Phi-sized 16-lane PCIe Gen 3 card sporting four 100G network ports directly coupled to an Intel Stratix-10 FPGA. Four independent banks of DDR4 memory complete the balanced architecture capable of handling latency-critical 100G streaming applications.
  • 520C Compute Acceleration Card – A GPU/Phi-sized 16-lane PCIe Gen 3 card, the OpenCL-programmable 520C features an Intel Stratix-10 FPGA designed to deliver ultimate performance per watt for compute-intensive HPC workloads. 

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