Rescale & X-ISS offer Professional Services for HPC Cloud Migration

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Today Rescale announced a partnership with X-ISS to offer professional services to enterprises migrating HPC workloads to the cloud.

At X-ISS, we are very excited to partner with Rescale to eliminate the compute ceilings and queuing wait times that our customers sometimes deal with. Together, X-ISS and Rescale will provide a comprehensive HPC solution and services that will delight our joint customers,” said Deepak Khosla at X-ISS.

Rescale’s ScaleX platform provides a managed HPC cloud environment by seamlessly connecting to public cloud providers, bare metal providers, or a customer’s hardware system whether on or off-premise, to enable a centrally-managed hybrid compute system. Similarly, X-ISS provides deployment, management, and analytics for on-premise clusters. The partnership will enable X-ISS’ on-premise customers to take advantage of HPC in the cloud. As a Rescale partner, X-ISS will perform integration services with Rescale’s ScaleX platform, including hybrid integration, private networking implementation, and integration of custom applications, amongst others.

Tyler Smith, Rescale’s Head of Partnerships, says that the arrangement is perfect for large enterprises: “As cloud HPC adoption accelerates, our partnership with X-ISS will make it easier for the enterprise to leverage cloud without disrupting workloads on existing on-premise infrastructure. Bursting to cloud or migrating certain workloads offers a more elastic and scalable HPC environment, and Rescale working with X-ISS will aim to provide the optimal solution.”

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