Intel Supports open source software for HPC

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In this video from SC17, Thomas Krueger describes how Intel supports Open Source High Performance Computing software like OpenHPC and Lustre.

As the Linux initiative demonstrates, a community-based, vendor-catalyzed model like this has major advantages for enabling software to keep pace with requirements for HPC computing and storage hardware systems. In this model, stack development is driven primarily by the open source community and vendors offer supported distributions with additional capabilities for customers that require and are willing to pay for them.

OpenHPC is a collaborative, community effort that initiated from a desire to aggregate a number of common ingredients required to deploy and manage High Performance Computing Linux clusters including provisioning tools, resource management, I/O clients, development tools, and a variety of scientific libraries. Packages provided by OpenHPC have been pre-built with HPC integration in mind with a goal to provide re-usable building blocks for the HPC community. Over time, the community also plans to identify and develop abstraction interfaces between key components to further enhance modularity and interchangeability. The community includes representation from a variety of sources including software vendors, equipment manufacturers, research institutions, supercomputing sites, and others. This community works to integrate a multitude of components that are commonly used in HPC systems, and are freely available for open source distribution. We are grateful for the efforts undertaken by the developers and maintainers of these upstream communities that provide key components used in HPC around the world today, and for which this OpenHPC community works to integrate and validate as a cohesive software stack.

Lustre is the most widely used file system in technical computing. The latest release of Lustre* software offers a complete Software-Defined Storage solution for businesses of all sizes to address storage and data throughput challenges for technical computing. Face the challenges of Exascale computing or high-performance data analytics with a scalable, secure, performance-optimized, open-source solution that can handle large volumes of data across clustered servers, backed by Intel’s enterprise-grade Lustre technical expertise and support.

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