New Avere FXT Edge Filer Doubles Performance, Capacity, and Bandwidth for Challenging Workloads

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Today Avere Systems introduced the top-of-the-line FXT Edge filer, the FXT 5850. Designed for high data-growth industries, the new FXT enables customers to speed time to market, produce higher quality output and modernize the IT infrastructure with both cloud and advanced networking technologies.

Our customers in the fields of scientific research, financial services, media and entertainment and others are nearing the limits of the modern data center with ever-increasing workload demands,” said Jeff Tabor, Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing at Avere Systems. “Built on Avere’s enterprise-proven file system technology, FXT 5850 delivers unparalleled performance and capacity to support the most compute-intensive environments and help our customers accelerate their businesses.”

Whether it’s simulating financial trading algorithms at hedge funds, analyzing large genomic sequence files in cancer research, or rendering high resolution visual effects in movies, the FXT 5850 gives customers the ability to easily manage large, active data sets and keep pace with today’s business needs. Major enhancements include:

  • More than double the performance with improvement from 4GB/s to 9GB/s aggregate read throughput
  • Double the capacity with twice as much DRAM and SSD as previous generations of the FXT
  • Two and a half times higher network bandwidth with an increase from four 10GbE ports to four 25GbE ports

With its FXT series, Avere has catered to a market populated by the most data-choked organizations using content-heavy applications,” said Terri McClure, Senior Analyst at ESG. “The introduction of the FXT 5850, with double the performance and capacity of previous versions, will help solve the specific problem of peak workload constraints within industries in dire need of increased compute and network bandwidth. By continuing to focus its technology around high growth data industries Avere will only strengthen its foothold in the market.”

The FXT series makes data easier to manage, both in the data center and in the cloud, and is the most powerful hybrid cloud storage product on the market to date. In addition to enhancing financial, genomic and rendering workflows, the FXT accelerates high tech product development at the world’s largest software and hardware companies, scales seismic processing and reservoir modeling at major oil and gas companies, and serves national treasures from the world’s largest digital assets library. With the FXT Series, enterprises can integrate the public cloud, private object storage solutions and existing NAS systems into a single, easy-to-manage infrastructure. With a complete NAS feature set, including NFS and SMB protocols, businesses can seamlessly store data and run applications on premises or in the cloud with minimal latency.

The Avere FXT 5850 is now available. List price is $211,500 and includes a complete set of software functionality.

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