Rescale Brings HPC Workloads to the Cloud at SC17

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In this video from SC17, Gabriel Broner from Rescale describes how the company brings HPC Workloads to the Cloud.

Rescale offers HPC in the cloud for engineers and scientists, delivering computational performance on-demand. Using the latest hardware architecture at cloud providers and supercomputing centers, Rescale enables users to extend their on-premise system with optimized HPC in the cloud.

Like the previous disruptions of clusters vs. monolithic systems or Linux vs. proprietary operating systems, cloud changes the status quo, takes us out of our comfort zone, and gives us a sense of lack of control. But the effect of price, the flexibility to dynamically change your system size and choose the best architecture for the job, the availability of applications, the ability to select system cost based on the needs of a particular workload, and the ability to provision and run immediately, will prove very attractive for HPC users. It may be time to start thinking about HPC in the cloud in your organization!

The nature of cloud disruption is unique. It’s not all or nothing, and you can dip your toe in the water. If you follow the traditional processes and buy another on-premise system, you will miss the advantages of cloud. Cloud gives us an opportunity to test the benefits of the future without committing to the next multi-million-dollar purchase. If you spend $100K you can start immediately, testing HPC in the cloud, accessing the latest architectures available. If the next HPC system in 3-5 years will be in the cloud or will be a hybrid system, testing it now, learning from it, and iterating will reduce risk and will enable a much smoother transition.

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