Analytic Engineering Moves AI GPU Infrastructure to Verne Global in Iceland

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Today HPC Cloud provider Verne Global announced that Analytic Engineering of Germany is moving their GPU infrastructure to Iceland.

At Verne Global’s campus, we can grow our business faster and apply more compute resources to our programs than at any other data center that we evaluated,” said Tobias Seifert, Co-CEO at Analytic Engineering. “This is a critical competitive advantage to us, as we look to deliver highly complex software solutions that enable our customers to iterate faster through applications driven by AI and Machine Learning.”

This move enables Analytic Engineering to leverage the dedicated compute environments at Verne Global, which are specifically designed to support HPC and intensive computing applications. Analytic Engineering utilizes large-scale combinatorics, discrete and continuous optimization, and finite element simulations in its development process which required a specialized data center that could accommodate the niche design and power requirements for these types of highly intensive computing applications.

With Verne Global, we have a partner that can fully meet the demands we anticipate needing far into the future,” added Seifert.

According to Seifert, many data center operators have been slow to prepare their business models and campus infrastructure to accommodate the rapid advances in computational loads and processing power. Analytic Engineering’s site-selection criteria included:

  • Complete control – a data center campus that provided complete control of the hardware and software programs, allowing Analytic Engineering to fully leverage the computational benefits offered by AI and Machine Learning with highly customized software solutions
  • Customer focused – a data center operator that listened to what the company needs today and will help Analytic Engineering plan for tomorrow. The team at Verne Global focused on listening to what Analytic Engineering wanted to do, what it needed, and was dedicated to making it work within its campus.
  • Cost optimized – a data center that had access to affordable, scalable and sustainable power with an option to secure power pricing over the long term. These costs savings are enabling Analytic Engineering to invest more resources into development and compute, lowering overall operating expense and leveraging Iceland’s renewable energy to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint.

Today’s computational environments are changing rapidly as more companies are looking to utilize HPC and intensive applications across an increasingly wide variety of industries. At Verne Global we have fully optimized our campus to meet the specific requirements of the international HPC community,” said Jeff Monroe, CEO at Verne Global.

Verne Global’s Director of Research, Spencer Lamb, added “We are delighted to welcome Analytic Engineering to our campus. They join a growing community of innovative high-tech companies choosing Verne Global as the location for their demanding AI and Machine Learning workloads.”

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