RAID Inc. Joins OpenSFS to Support the Lustre File System

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RAID Incorporated has joined OpenSFS (Open Scalable File Systems, Inc.). OpenSFS is a non-profit organization that supports the vendor-neutral development of Lustre.

RAID Incorporated undoubtedly brings great value to OpenSFS and will aid in boosting the continued innovation and advancements of the Lustre file system,” said OpenSFS President Sarp Oral.

Since 2010, OpenSFS has utilized working groups, events, and funding initiatives to encourage the growth and stability of the Lustre community, as well as facilitate collaborative benefits of its members, to ensure Lustre remains open, free, and flourishing.

RAID is proud to become a member of OpenSFS and all that it stands for,” said RAID Incorporated’s Founder and President Marc DiZoglio. “We have been supporting the open Lustre community for well over a decade and OpenSFS is a great organization for us to share our experiences and help the community in any way that we can. The users and members that belong to the organization speak for themselves so being included in this community is an honor.”

RAID Incorporated is excited to share its twenty-five years of HPC technology knowledge and expertise with the OpenSFS community to help sustain and further the open source development of the Lustre file system. Year after year, RAID Incorporated continues to hold an esteemed reputation for providing customized end-to-end high-performance storage solutions for HPC, Cloud, and Big Data. RAID Incorporated has been at the forefront of providing ZFS backed Lustre solutions with hundreds of petabytes installed worldwide.

In related news, LUG 2018 takes place April 23-26 at Argonne National Lab.

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