Video: A Closer Look at the Atos Dibona Prototype for ARM-based HPC

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In this video from SC17 in Denver, Pascale Bernier-Bruna from Atos describes the company’s innovative ARM-HPC technologies developed as part of the Mont-Blanc Project.

“Atos will showcase our Dibona prototype for ARM-based HPC. Named after the Dibona peak in the French Alps, the new prototype is part of the Phase 3 of Mont-Blanc and is based on 64 bit ThunderX2 processors from Cavium, relying on the ARM v8 instruction set.”

Atos Dibona Prototype:

  • 3000+ ARMv8 cores (Cavium ThunderX2)
  • Mont-Blanc optimized software stack
  • InfiniBand EDR Interconnect

The prototype leverages the Bull Sequana X1000 infrastructure, including Direct Liquid Cooling – cooling with warm water. Three compute nodes will be integrated side by side in each Bull Sequana X1000 blade. The full configuration will ultimately include 48 computes nodes, ie. 96 Cavium ThunderX2 CPUs, or 3000 cores.

According to Atos, Dibona is not the end-product of the Mont-Blanc project, but a key tool that will allow project partners to expand their research, validate Mont-Blanc performance models, and test the completeness of the solution.

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