Video: Enterprise Ready Deep Learning from IBM

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In this video from the NVIDIA booth at SC17, Adel El-Hallack from IBM presents: Enterprise Ready Deep Learning.

“The era of AI is here, but realizing business value with deep learning can have its challenges. See how IBM is making it easy to have enterprise-ready deep learning through a combination of high performance hardware and software.”

PowerAI from IBM is an enterprise software distribution of popular open-source deep learning frameworks. Future releases will deliver advanced, easy to use tools for the complete Deep Learning workflow:

  • Enterprise ready SW distribution built on open source
  • Performance- for faster training times
  • Tools for ease of development

IBM PowerAI Vision is a unique offering that provides a complete platform for Image Analytics to create data sets, label them, train a model, and validate and deploy them. The tool makes the journey from raw data to a deployed model faster and does not impose a need for data scientists. IBM PowerAI Vision supports rapid data labeling from images; creating labelled data sets from videos, and semi-auto labeling of video streams for enhancing data set required for training.

Adel El-Hallak is the Director of Product Management for Deep Learning within IBM’s Cognitive Systems unit. Adel’s mission is to democratize and operationalize deep learning so it can be more easily consumed in order to augment human intelligence. Adel’s previous roles include leadership positions across sales and marketing for high performance computing and advanced analytics. Adel holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from McGill University in Canada and an M.B.A. from Warwick Business School in the U.K.

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