Video: HiPEAC Conference Looks at Innovations in Computer Architecture

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John Goodacre, ARM

This video features highlights from the first day at the HiPEAC 2018 conference, which took place last week in Manchester. HiPEAC is the premier European forum for experts in computer architecture, programming models, compilers and operating systems for embedded and general-purpose systems.

“HiPEAC Coordinator Koen De Bosschere tells us what’s been going on, including a great keynote talk from Maria Girone at CERN. Meanwhile, Arm’s John Goodacre tells us why Manchester is a great location for the conference and why it’s important for companies like Arm to be involved in HiPEAC.”


Koen De Bosschere: We are here on the first day of the HiPEAC 2018 Conference in Manchester, and we started the day with a keynote by Maria Girone from CERN where she explained all the computing challenges they are facing there. At this moment, we have the main paper track which is running in parallel with ten workshops and tutorials where many people are attending them. We also have a poster session in the break area which runs throughout the day, and tonight we will visit the Museum of Science and Industry where we will have a demonstration of the Manchester Baby, which is the first stored-program computer in the world.

John Goodacre: So Manchester is a very interesting place to host a conference such as HiPEAC because it has a university, an academic center. It’s got a long history of great inventions. The idea that a computer would first run a program out of stored memory was done here. The idea that it could run more than one computer application at the same time, again, was demonstrated here. And much more recently, obviously, the SpiNNaker program trying to simulate what a brain looks like with a million ARM processors. So, obviously, that whole background, plus the 60,000 students here, give us a lot of opportunity to talk and bring the community of HiPEAC here to Manchester.

ARM is involved in HiPEAC for many years, and we find it very important to continue that relationship between industry and the more academic program of HiPEAC. Although HiPEAC has a lot of industrial partners, and I’m sure we all share many of the same reasons that it’s actually a great pool of interns and recruits. So that’s a very direct thing. But, clearly, the idea that ARM, and research and ARM has a need for collaborations, has a need for infusing other collaborators and other research programs with technology. Those are all the sort of reasons that ARM maintains a link and a involvement with HiPEAC. ARM is very pleased to be here. We have our stand looking for recruitment. We have our network of our researchers and colleagues looking around for next-generation collaborations and technologies, and, of course, the idea that we’re here just to socialize and enjoy the week.

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