Video: Leading the Evolution of Compute with Neuromorphic and Quantum Computing

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Jim Held, Intel Labs

In this video from the 2017 Intel HPC Developer Conference, Jim Held from Intel Labs presents: Leading the Evolution of Compute: Neuromorphic and Quantum Computing.

“Intel recently announced important progress in our research into future novel microarchitectures and device technology: neuromorphic and quantum computing. Neuromorphic computing draws inspiration from our current understanding of the brain’s architecture and its associated computations. Loihi, our recently announced neuromorphic research chip, is extremely energy-efficient, uses data to learn and make inferences, gets smarter over time and does not need to be trained in the traditional way. Quantum computing offers the potential for exponentially greater performance on many algorithms that are computationally challenging on today’s computing architectures. We’ve just delivered a 17 superconducting qubit chip to our research partner QuTech (TU-Delft and TNO) in the Netherlands for measurement and evaluation as part of our investigation into full computing system stacks for two quantum device technologies. This talk will give a brief overview of our directions and progress in developing these novel architectures.”

Jim Held leads Intel Labs emerging technology research, developing hardware and software technologies for future microprocessors and platforms. He co-leads Intel’s quantum computing research. Since joining Intel in 1990, Held has served in a variety of positions in Intel Labs, leading organizations and virtual teams conducting research in microprocessor and platform architecture, parallel computing, interconnect technology, multimedia, computer-supported collaboration and IA-based signal processing. Held earned a Ph.D. (1988) in Computer and Information Science, from the University of Minnesota.