Agenda Posted: OpenPOWER 2018 Summit in Las Vegas

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The OpenPOWER Summit has posted its speaker agenda. Held in conjunction with IBM Think 2018, the event takes place March 19 in Las Vegas.

The OpenPOWER Foundation is an open technical community based on the POWER architecture, enabling collaborative development and opportunity for member differentiation and industry growth. The goal of the OpenPOWER Foundation is to create an open ecosystem, using the POWER Architecture to share expertise, investment, and server-class intellectual property to serve the evolving needs of customers and industry.

Speakers include:

  • Hugh Blemings, Executive Director, OpenPOWER Foundation
  • Chris Sullivan, Ohio State University
  • Christopher Zimmer, ORNL
  • Adam Bertsch, LLNL
  • Jack Wells, ORNL
  • Arjun Shankur, ORNL
  • Fernanda Foertter, ORNL
  • Richard Heynes, BryLyt
  • Scott Herold, Red Hat
  • Christopher M. Sullivan, Oregon State University
  • Johan Peltenburg, Delft University of Technology
  • Nagarajan Kathiresan
  • Rashid Al-Ali
  • Ziad Al-Ars
  • Scot Shultz
  • Andrea Bartolini Empowering OpenPOWER
  • Ahmed Ibrahim, Sidra Medical and Research Center
  • Kenneth Wright, Rambus
  • Deepak Pathania, NEC
  • DK Panda, Ohio State University
  • Xiaoyi Lu, Ohio State University
  • Philip Pokorny, Penguin Computing
  • Steve Kuo, Minds.AI
  • Xiaofan Zhang, UUIC
  • Tjerk Straatsma, ORNL
  • Ivan Dobos, Canonical
  • Myron Slota, OpenCAPI
  • Brian Allison, OpenCAPI
  • Ajay Arasanipalai, HLC International
  • Ankit Purohit, NTT

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