Altair to boost UNLV Supercomputing

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The UNLV Cherry Creek II supercomputer is housed at Switch’s Las Vegas SUPERNAP data center.

Today UNLV announced new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the university and Altair Engineering.

Altair is proud to collaborate with UNLV to provide resources to their internal and external communities and advance the already stellar capabilities UNLV has in the supercomputer arena,” said Victor Wright, enterprise computing account manager at Altair.

Per the agreement, Altair’s technology will enable Cherry Creek II users to simplify access and utilization of the supercomputer’s capabilities and capacity. When deployed, PBS Works, Altair’s high-performance computing management suite, will securely manage all Cherry Creek II compute workload. In addition, users will be able to easily create, access and manage physical and virtual appliances on Cherry Creek II to run Altair’s HyperWorks simulation software and other 3rd party application software.

Housed in Switch’s Las Vegas SUPERNAP data center, the Cherry Creek II is among the world’s fastest and most powerful supercomputers. Few scientists in the world have access to the level of high-performance computing Cherry Creek II provides, according to Joseph Lombardo, executive director of UNLV’s National Supercomputing Institute.

A large part of our mission at UNLV is ensuring that scientists on our campus and in the community, can conduct their impactful research. We are excited to team up with Altair to make doing so as effortless as possible,” said Zach Miles, UNLV associate vice president of economic development. “This agreement sets the stage for UNLV to become an even greater supercomputing powerhouse for the Southern Nevada community, and we look forward to all the great collaborations and innovations that will come out of it.”

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