Application Readiness Projects for the Summit Supercomputer Architecture

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In this video from SC17 in Denver, Dr, Tjerk P. Straatsma from ORNL presents: Application Readiness Projects for the Summit Architecture.

“The Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) in partnership with the IBM/NVIDIA Center of Excellence and scientific application developers is preparing a suite of scientific codes for its user programs. The Center for Accelerated Application Readiness (CAAR) projects are using an Early Access Power8+/Pascal system named SummitDev to prepare for the Power9/Volta system called Summit. This presentation highlights achievements on this system, and the experience of the teams that will be a valuable resource for other development teams.”

Dr. Tjerk P. Straatsma is an internationally recognized scientist with more than 30 years of experience in the development, efficient implementation and application of advanced modeling and simulation methods as key scientific tools in the study of chemical and biomolecular systems, complementing analytical theories and experimental studies. Dr. Straatsma joined Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2013, where he manages the Scientific Computing group in the National Center for Computational Sciences. This center is the site for the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility and houses the largest supercomputer for open science in the United States.

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