Call for Participation: MSST Mass Storage Conference 2018

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The 34th International Conference on Massive Storage Systems and Technologies (MSST 2018) has issued its Call for Participation. The event takes place May 14-16 in Santa Clara, California.

The conference invites you to share your research, ideas and solutions, as we continue to face challenges in the rapidly expanding need for massive, distributed storage solutions. Join us and learn about disruptive storage technologies and the challenges facing data centers, as the demand for massive amounts of data continues to increase. Join the discussion on webscale IT, and the demand on storage systems from IoT, healthcare, scientific research, and the continuing stream of smart applications (apps) for mobile devices.

Submission topics include:

  • Persistent memory
  • Solid state storage – Flash, MRAM, RRAM, NVRAM…
  • Big data trends and challenges
  • Data centers -private and public
  • Storage security and privacy
  • Scalable metadata management distributed storage system
  • Techniques for building extremely scalable and distributed storage systems
  • Cloud storage systems and global-scale storage
  • Performance modeling and analysis of storage systems
  • Experiences with real-world systems and data storage challenges
  • Data archiving, protection, recovery
  • Data compression and deduplication
  • File sub systems, IO subsystems

Proposals should be emailed, in PDF format, to Gaz Salih at: Submissions are due March 15, 2018.

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