ISC STEM Student Day & Gala is Back with a Stronger Program

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Today the ISC 2018 conference announced the return of the ISC STEM Student Day, with an attractive program for students and sponsoring organizations. Students attending the program will receive an exclusive tutorial on high performance computing, machine learning and data analytics, and sponsoring organizations will receive an increased visibility during the full-day program.

Unlike regular STEM events, the aim of our program is to connect the next generation of regional and international STEM practitioners with the HPC industry and its key players. We hope this will encourage them to pursue careers in this space, and we will see them as part of the HPC user community in the future.”

From all received applications, 200 regional and international Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) students who show a keen interest in HPC, will be admitted into this program for free. These students range from those enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs right through those completing their PhD research in fields such as computer science, computer engineering, information technology, autonomous systems, physics and mathematics. The age group ranges from 19 – 30.

This non-profit effort was first introduced in 2017, and it attracted around 100 students mainly from Germany, the US, the UK, Spain, and China, and it was sponsored by 10 organizations in the HPC space.

The ISC STEM Student Day is also a great opportunity for organizations to associate themselves as STEM employers and invest in their future HPC user base,” said Martin Meuer, the general co-chair of the ISC High Performance conference series.

The 2018 ISC STEM Student Day will take place on Wednesday, June 21 during the ISC High Performance conference and exhibition. The full-conference will be held from Sunday, June 24 – 28 at Messe Frankfurt and expects 3500 attendees.

This program is very attractive to organizations that offer HPC training, education opportunities, as well as employment opportunities as some of these students are about to graduate soon. Please contact to get involved.

A returning builder-level sponsor, PRACE’s Communication Officer, Marjolein Oorsprong had the following to say about the event:

The ISC STEM Student Day (gala evening and booth visits) allowed PRACE to come into direct contact with students who showed a keen interest in HPC and inform them of all our student-related activities. It provided an opportunity to explain to them how participating in our training events can benefit their studies. By sponsoring events such as the ISC STEM Student Day, we hope to attract more applications to the PRACE Summer of HPC program, the International HPC Summer School, and other PRACE Training courses.”

The 2018 ISC STEM program includes a day tutorial on HPC Applications, Systems & Programming Languages, conducted by Dr. Bernd Mohr, Senior Scientist at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre and a tutorial on Machine Learning & Data Analytics by his colleague, Prof. Morris Riedel, who is the Head of Research Group High Productivity Data Processing at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre & an Adjunct Associated Professor in high productivity processing of big data at the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences, University of Iceland.

Later in the day, the students will have the chance to visit the booths and exhibits of sponsoring organizations to gain an impression of their product offering and business units. Another great highlight of the program is the evening event, which includes a dinner and a job fair set in a casual atmosphere in a nearby hotel. All sponsoring organizations will have an exclusive two hour of face-to-face time with the students at the STEM job fair.

Students will be able to register for the program starting mid-April via the program webpage.

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