State-Of-The-Art Machine Learning Algorithms and Near-Term Technology Trends

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Rob Farber is CEO/Publisher of TechEnablement.

In this video from the HPC Knowledge Portal 2017 Conference, Rob Farber from TechEnablement presents: State-Of-The Art Machine Learning Algorithms and How They Are Affected By Near-Term Technology Trends.

“Industry and Wall Street projections indicate that Machine Learning will touch every piece of data in the data center by 2020. This has created a technology arms race and algorithmic competition as IBM, NVIDIA, Intel, and ARM strive to dominate the retooling of the computer industry to support ubiquitous machine learning workloads over the next 3-4 years. Similarly, algorithm designers compete to create faster and more accurate training and inference techniques that can address complex problems spanning speech, image recognition, image tagging, self-driving cars, data analytics and more. The challenges for researchers and technology providers encompass big data, massive parallelism, distributed processing, and real-time processing. Deep-learning and low-precision inference (based on INT8 and FP16 arithmetic) are current hot topics.”

This talk will merge two state-of-the-art briefings.

  • Massive scale and state-of-the art algorithm mappings for both machine learning and unstructured data analytics including how they are affected by current and forthcoming hardware.
  • The technology trends at Intel, NVIDIA, IBM, ARM, and OpenPower that will affect algorithm developments. The goal is to give attendees a sense of the fast-track algorithm + technology combinations for both research and commercial success as well as an overview of the state-of-the-industry and near-term industry directions.

Rob Farber is a recognized global technology leader (US, Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific) who is highly-rated, highly visible, and in-demand as a technology/scientific adviser, teacher, and collaborator. Throughout his career he has demonstrated strong creative ability while acting as an author, senior scientist, principle investigator, corporate leader, technical architect, and media consultant. Rob’s companies have contracts with fortune 100 companies (Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, and others), research organizations (DARPA, ONR, Cold Spring Harbor and others) plus numerous small companies. Co-founder of a computational drug discovery and computer manufacturing company that achieved liquidity events. Rob also has an extensive background in research (the theoretical division at Los Alamos, external faculty at the Santa Fe Institute, NERSC in Berkeley and PNNL in Washington State).

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